Guruji twitted today,

People always say they try to change their mind. They should stop trying; just chant OM Namo Narayanaya… it will change by itself through Grace.

Our Gurudev, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda does not speak much, his talks are not long and he does not explain much in a way people expect from him. There is a wonderful book, Bhagavad Gita, to which he gave an extensive commentary and wherein you can find the essence of his message to the humanity. He did not come only for a few chosen disciples. He came to deliver the message of Love, and uplift the whole humanity. Other gurus fight for their disciples, whereas our Gurudev directs them to their inner guru so that they can find their true guru, both inside and outside.

The recognition is happening instantaneously or, sometimes in due time, depending on the need and readiness of a person.

When people want to find out whether Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda is their guru or not, they approach him and he always ask them, “What is your heart saying?”. People want instant answers, but how many want to live in their hearts and listen to their hearts? People like to depend on their minds rather than on the love that their hearts are filled with, and which is the true path and the true way.

That is why, Guruji reluctantly answers the questions from the mind. But those from the heart, he readily responds to, sometimes within seconds.

That is the essence of his teaching: forsake your mind and live in the heart. This is both timeless and timely message. This message can never be obsolete. Let the mind sink into the heart. Mind cannot be easily controlled. There are many techniques which help to subdue the mind, calm it to certain extent, directed towards positivity and God. But to gain full control over it, you need to have willingness and desire. Once you have it and do your best to do it (self effort is required, by all means), the most important ingredient is the Grace. Without Grace all your efforts are pointless, useless! Grace is given by the guru, the Sadguru, once you surrender to him. That is the Divine Law, and God cannot help you if you don’t help yourself. When your desire for God is strong enough, He will send you the one who can help you realize yourself. He comes in the form of a Sadguru. In the Guru Gita, it is said that the guru is no other than God. So in this Holy Scripture, it clearly says that guru is God. If we deeply call for salvation, for God, He will help you by sending you the guru. If you don’t recognize Him in the form of your guru, whom you should blame?

Sometimes it happens that people have high expectations of God or the guru. They put condition on the guru-disciple relationship. They have their ideas as how the guru should behave or guide. Guru is like a doctor. Even if there are two patients who have the same sickness, he may provide two different medicine for each of them. It all depends on the level of spiritual maturity and readiness to move on towards the realization of God. If their understanding of the Guru has not been met, they decide (in their minds) that the guru is fake. They start to perceive him as an ordinary human being. That is a big mistake and consequences are great, much greater than the mind can perceive in the moment. If you cut the branch on which you are sitting, what can you expect? As long as you are falling down you may think that everything is fine, and that you finally achieved the freedom you were looking for. But once you hit the ground, if you are lucky, you may see the stars (humour intended!).

Couple of days ago Guruji sent another message via Twitter,

Immature humans forget quickly the good that is done to them… (they) take for granted those who help, support and who are friendly to them.

I have seen it many times, in my journey with Guruji, that those who turn their back on him, shortly before they praise him greatly and promise him that they would be there for him until the last breath and beyond. They send him grandiose messages and letters full of wonderful epithets and adjectives describing the greatness of Paramahamsa Vishwananda. The very next day we hear that this or that person writes mean letters about him and use all their energy and time to ‘save other fallen souls’ who are still stuck with him. They usually start to do it with those who have weaker minds. What do they want to accomplish with that? They only seek for approval of their actions and justification of their decisions. If they find such people who are willing to listen to and follow them, they feel empowered and they carry on ‘saving’ the ‘tough’ ones. Ego does not want to stop there. Ego is never tired of praising and never tired of recognition of how great it is.

When ego gets that, the byproduct of it, the pride, sets in. And once the pride is there, one find it very difficult to uproot it. You are not even aware that it is there. It has its own way to lurk and be unnoticed (to the one who has it, of course).

Only the grace of the guru can save you then. God cannot help you in that moment as you already forsook the help He had sent you. He just waits for the karma to hit you, as karma is the greatest teacher. Once you came to the point again where you desire nothing else but God, He sends you again the guru who will help you in that process. Guru will wait for you, life after life, until you are ready to continue the journey where you left off. Sometimes you have to wait hundreds of lives for another opportunity to be with a Sadguru. It is a scary prospect, but we are very slow in learning our lessons anyways, so why should the guru incarnate every time when we are not ready to listen to and follow him? God is eternally patient; so is the guru.

Our Gurudev, is the embodiment of that Eternal Patience and Unalloyed Love.

If you forsake him for the pleasures of this world, he will carry on patiently waiting for you to return on the path of Love. He will not course you, or try to revenge his ‘loss’. Those who lose are the fleeing ones. They miss, not only the opportunity to realize God in this life and finish with the shackles of karma forever, and this entanglement with this material life, but they make their life more miserable. If there are lucky, the karma will hit them quicker. If not, they may live relatively happy and peaceful life, sort of mediocre. But is that what we, as children of God deserve? We are the heirs of God’s eternal kingdom but very often we are just happy with crumbs what this life is offering to us. And we call it happiness!?

Most people are miserable most of the time, and happy once in a while. They call happiness the moments when they have absence of worries and challenges. They live for those few moments when they feel content with their own minds. The mind of men are by nature crooked. We know it but still, we chose to follow it. And then, who do we blame it for?

We always find the target in the loved ones. Sometimes the guru pays the highest price for trying the help people to go out from the mire of delusion of this material existence.

Those of you who have the guru, those who recognized the help that God has sent to you, cling tightly to his robe and do not let it go. Surrender to his feet, and follow him with all your heart. Don’t let your mind lead you. Take the reins in your hand. Show your mind that you are its master. The mind cannot be a good master. It has no power apart from the one you give to it. Be the master of your life by surrendering the mind, surrendering the heart to the Sadguru (who alone can safely lead you), and you will reach the highest that human beings can achieve in this life.

Jai Gurudev!

After 10 years spent in the ashram of my Guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda I was ready for next step in my spiritual evolution… I was initiated in the ancient monastic order of swami and sent back to Croatia as per direct instruction of Paramahamsa Viswhananada, in order to spread his mission there.