Atma Kriya Yoga holds the secret key that will open the inner doors of the hidden realm inside of you. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you”. Atma Kriya Yoga is that sacred key. 

Kriya Yoga has been known for millenniums. It is a science for God-realization devised by a great yogi and master, Mahavatar Babaji. But due to the dark age that the humanity had entered, it has been hidden for the public eye since people were not ready and spiritually developed enough to understand the value and were not fit to practice for their own benefit and the benefit of all. As the evolution of this planet and thus the evolution of men unfolded, people’s cognitive powers and awareness increased to that level that they could understand and accept this highly advanced technique.

Mahavatar Babaji used to give this precious gem only to rare selected souls who were able to appreciate and who could commit themselves to practice it regularly. In 19th century he removed the tag of secrecy when he gave this technique to his advanced householder disciple Lahiri Mahasaya who then spread it first among his own disciples and through the blessing and grace of Mahavatar Babaji even further. Thousands of people flocked to him to receive this liberating technique.

As every master has their own task so Mahavatar Babaji prepared one of his most advanced disciple to spread this technique to the west, as he perceived that many great yogis have been incarnating in the west and will continue to do so. The world needs the great souls to shower light in all dark corners of the this globe. Mahavatar Babaji promised that he will be there with those who practice kriya yoga, and he would guide them safely to the highest realm that a human can possible achieve. That disciple was Paramhansa Yogananda and his task was not an easy one.

By the grace of Mahavatar Babaji hundreds of thousands of people received this liberating technique either from Yogananda directly or though his disciples. Mahavatar Babaji is the holder of kriya techniques. It is believed that there are 144 different kriya techniques. This world is changing so fast and the progress is visible in many directions. Technology is rapidly improving, all areas of human existence is developing very fast. Just 25 years ago we did not have mobile phones, let alone smart phones. Internet, as we know it today, did not exist. Information was circulating in a much slower pace. In this very short span of time we have witnessed a major development in all areas of human existence. The quality of life increased many times. We live several times faster than the generation of our parents.

Even though it seems that everything else improved around us, and we can have more comfortable lives than our parents and enjoy material life more with all the wonderful gadgets etc, still we are more restless inside, more sick with illnesses that our ancestors did not suffer from. We seem to have no more peace of mind. We cannot even love or express any feelings. We are so miserable inside out and we don’t have any solution in our hands. Many people are lost and don’t know any way as how to live rightfully in this life. Our minds are in such turmoil all the time and we are never at peace. People spend more and more money on medicine and pills to kill the neurosis and depression. They get dependent on the drugs. The pharmaceutics industry earns billions of euros on these weaknesses of modern men.

But there is a cure. And Atma Kriya Yoga gives a solution.

Thousands of sadhaks (those who practice Atma Kriya Yoga) around the world are like a beacon light proving that we can live a high quality life and solve many problems.

Why is Atma Kriya Yoga so special and what differs it from other kriya yoga techniques?

Atma Kriya Yoga is a part of the kriya yoga techniques originated by Mahavatar Babaji. He is the father of kriyas and when he deems fit he instructs certain gurus to teach them to their students. Now, each time has its own laws and dynamics. Mahavatar Babaji knows when specific kriya is well fit for that specific time.

So why learn Atma Kriya Yoga?

It helps us calm our mind so that we can use all the energy, that is normally being consumed in thinking and wasted in myriads of useless mind processes, to succeed in whatever we put our minds to. In Bhakti Marga we strive to awaken the love relationship between us, and God. So much of the energy, that is usually being wasted, will be focused on the source of all good – God, and by finding Him, everything else will be given to us and more than we desire.

What else does this wonderful Atma Kriya Yoga do to us?

Mahavatar Babaji infused into this techniques nine forms of bhakti (love in action) to help us awaken love that has been buried deep inside our hearts. We have forgotten how to love, firstly ourselves, and then our close family members, friends and so on. Life without love is pointless; it is dry and shallow. When we start practicing Atma Kriya Yoga we will feel this love that has always been part of us. We will also understand why it is there and what we will use it for.

This shaktipat can be compared to the descendant of grace, the same one that the apostles of Jesus received some forty-fifty days after his resurrection.

Shaktipat will be activated but the full potential will be slowly unfolding. The more you practice this simple, but powerful kriya techniques, the more your energetic channels (nadis) in the body will be purified and able to receive more prana (life force, life energy). This prana will unclog all the subtle blockages, which prevented you to perceive the inner light. It will enable to understand the secrets of inner life and the secret of the cosmos (the macro and micro cosmoses).

Atma Kriya Yoga holds another secret, as seen in the above quote: it is the grace of all kriya masters. Mahavatar Babaji and Paramahamsa Vishwananda promised that whenever we practice Atma Kriya Yoga, they would be there and guide each kriya sadhak so that their efforts are met with best success. Without their grace and blessings you won’t be able to draw forth any result, no matter how much you try.

That is why it is different in approach to other kriya techniques. Other kriya masters emphasize the will power and self-effort, devoid of surrender and bhakti. Great kriya master, Paramhamsa Yogananda used to say that techniques plus devotion work like mathematics. Both are necessary. I would add, yes, only if the grace is there. You may try as much as will, but your efforts will be futile without the help from above.

Your sincere effort is very important. You have to be disciplined and regular in your practice. You cannot find success in any endeavor if your efforts are intermittent. The same goes in spiritual life. You cannot accept help from above and being lazy at the same time.

The good news is that you don’t need to practice all the techniques at the same time. You can distribute it throughout the day so that Atma Kriya Yoga becomes your lifestyle. But you don’t need to change much in your life in order to start practicing it. It will slowly change you from inside out. It will purify your mind and heart. It will sharpen your senses. It will bring the new quality into your life. Your energetic channel (aura) will shine more. You will have a more energy and joy in your life.

What else does this liberating technique do?

It burns a lot of accumulated karma from many lives. What does that mean? Karma is an initiated thought and action that was enacted some time in the past and due to the natural law of action and reaction that extends not only on the material plane of existence but also on emotional, psychological, spiritual plans as well. We understand that we are not material beings alone. Whatever we sow we will reap. It will catch us no matter where we are; one day some time, we don’t know, but the divine laws are inexorable. It has dual purpose: to teach us the purpose of life (which is to love and find God and re-establish our loving relationship with our Creator), and to keep this world into a balance. Otherwise, there will be no sense living in this life. We are not an accident creation of nature. We are divinely made by God Himself and we have our purpose of being here. We have accumulated a lot of bad karma. Just remember all the negative thoughts, speech, actions and intention that we have enacted. Due to the law of karma, it has to have its fruition one day. Atma Kriya Yoga is meant to cancel out much of it so that we are unobstructed in our pursuit for uniting with our love for God. So when the obstacle of the massive loads of karma has been removed, we shall be able to realize ourselves in our full potential. We shall be able to use more of the God-given powers.

Just imagine how little of the brain capacity we use. Imagine that, instead of 3-4 % we are able to use 100 %? Imagine that we can love all the time and have a peaceful and balanced life? We can do it and that is why Mahavatar Babaji decided to give this liberating technique now.

Atma Kriya Yoga is not a mystical science but a very practical and exact method of achieving the aforementioned goals. Sincerity of your efforts is necessary. Haphazard practice will not help. Your focus must be there; you have to give your time. You don’t need to sit for hours in a cave to practice it. Not at all. This form of kriya is designed for modern men, who have little time for themselves.

Babaji assures us (quoting from the Bhagavad Gita II:40) that even a little practice of this dharma (religious rite or righteous practice) will save us from great fear (mahato bhayat) – the colossal suffering inherent in the repeated cycles of birth and death.

Give kriya to all who humbly ask you for help”, was another important requirements that Babaji asked from us. We have to want it and humbly ask for it. We have to make that step first. Like never before, Atma Kriya Yoga has been made accessible to all truth seekers.

Are you ready for the journey of life?

We have divine assurance and guidance from Mahavatar Babaji himself. We have the guidance, love and blessings from Paramahamsa Vishwananda who we all can meet in person and receive the guidance and help. We have Atma Kriya Yoga techniques given to help us grow in love for God. Whenever we practice Atma Kriya Yoga, we should remember that they are with us. No doubt should be there. Many testimonies are already there revealing their divine guidance and presence during the Atma Kriya Yoga practice and beyond.

Knowing this, Atma Kriya Yoga will make us humble. And that is the most important thing. When we have humility, then the grace will pour down on us in abundance. Humility is the gate to wisdom and love of God. Guru will help us there. He will help us to reveal our true self. And without this we can’t fully approach the Lord. Without knowing our self we cannot know Him. And it is only through grace and he is there to make us ready to have the vision of the Lord.

Therefore surrendering to the guru is the most important thing one has to make. And mind is what needs to be surrendered. Atma Kriya Yoga will help tremendously in that making. When the mind is thus transformed, and becomes the unobstructed vessel, then the true love will be awakened. Only when the mind is surrendered that we can be humble and the guru is preparing the mind since love can only flow in humility.

Atma means our soul, and the soul is a part of God, the God who is pure Love. So Atma is Love. Kriya means awareness through action. So each act we do will awaken this Love inside of us so that we can achieve this union (Yoga) – the perfect balance of our love-relationship with the Divine.

Jai Gurudev!

After 10 years spent in the ashram of my Guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda I was ready for next step in my spiritual evolution… I was initiated in the ancient monastic order of swami and sent back to Croatia as per direct instruction of Paramahamsa Viswhananada, in order to spread his mission there.