I met Paramahamsa Vishwananda, my spiritual Teacher and Guru, in 2005 in Split where he came to give two darshans. A year later I joined him in his ashram (spiritual community) in Germany. At that time the ashram was still in its beginnings with only ten permanent residents. As the community expanded, so have its activities. More people started to visit it which required maximum engagements from everyone, and in all areas.

I began my ashram life by working in the kitchen. During the years I went trough many areas and done various jobs. For example I worked in the garden, did construction work during center renovations, and so on. With all these responsibilities I also managed the blog in Croatian language. For several years I was the music director of Shree Peetha Nilaya ashram and was managing many musical programs, prayers and other activities related to music. I collected and published a bhajan collection named Atma Bhog that became one of the best selling Bhakti Marga publications. My Guru entrusted me to manage Street Kirtan, (a project inspired by the great Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who lived in the 15th and 16th century in India), which was my responsibility until I returned to Croatia.

After a decade spent with my Guru, during which I was given the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a community, I was initiated into an ancient order of swamis in October 2015. My new task was to spread Guruji’s teachings and to set up and lead an ashram in Croatia. Alongside Croatia I am also responsible for Bhakti Marga devotees in Slovenia and Serbia.

I often travel and teach at Atma Kriya Yoga, Simply Meditation courses, Babaji Surya Namaskar (Babaji’s Sun Salutation) workshops, mudra workshops (yoga of hands), yagnas (ancient fire rituals), puja workshops (Hindu deity worship rituals), musical workshops, silent retreats, spiritual practices, various spiritual lectures, satsangs (socializing with the seekers of truth), and so on.

As an active member of Bhakti Marga Academy, trough my lectures I help to spread spiritual teachings and universal truths (Sanatana dharma) that are, inspired by my Guru, the original teachings of Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna.

Many people seek advice and consolation from me. Most importantly, my inner peace helps others to be more open towards the possibilities which they were not aware of before. As a result of this, they start to aspire towards God, they begin to understand that the search for Him is the reason of our existence and that realisation of Divine Love is the goal that we strive for.

My belief is that there is only one God, and that the only and real God is the God of Love. There are many religions in this world and they are, in my opinion, positive light. But, religious affiliations are not enough . We have to invest our own effort in order to achieve internal relationship with God, no matter how we call Him: Jesus, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Allah, Kali…

Many spiritual teachers have appeared and indicated to us eternal truths. They gave us instructions how to behave properly. However, the mind has always aspired more towards material, and less towards spiritual. We live in a period in which everything is readily available. It is same with the world of spirituality. The time of god knowledge has come. All we need to know is to tumble the distance from the mind to the heart. There, we will find everything that our soul desires. Jai Gurudev!